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The Hashtags, based in Monmouth County NJ, is a four-piece band specializing in the very best rock, blues, alternative, and hip hop music from the 70's to today. We bring a high octane performance all year long to a variety of venues! From pubs, clubs and festivals, to private functions and corporate events all over New York and New Jersey, you can find us bringing the party everywhere we go! 

Tim Mullins - Lead Singer

New Jersey's Favorite Son, award winning vocalist TJ Mullins brings a passion for entertaining and good music to The Hashtags. almost 2 decades of live performing experience means TJ has a wide range and deep library of song choices to pull from. TJ's live stage experience includes former local acts such as Spiral Scar, That's What SHE Said, and event and wedding bands in the tri-state area. TJ also enjoys competitive singing, having been named Freehold Idol 2017. After stumbling across AJ through a private online ad (scandalous, right?) , TJ decided to bring his act back to the bars and clubs of NJ to rock the pants off of anyone that will listen! 

 When he's not out singing songs and stealing hearts with the tags, TJ enjoys long walks on the beach, the company of a good book by a nice fire, and is currently completing his 317th rewatch of Scrubs. But if there's a bar that needs music, a single patron calling out for good live music, TJ will be there to save the day! 

                   A.J. Garito - Percussion and Backing Vocals

A.J. was one of triplets born in the central western portion of Italy. They were abandoned at birth as his parents were the victims of an attack by the Mongol Hordes. His two brothers, Romulus and Remus were taken in by a band of wolves and later founded the modern city of Rome.

Left on his own, infant A.J.  flailed  about striking with his little fist the hollow log on which the barbarians had left him to die. Low and behold a small group of hunter gatherers were passing by and heard the percussive noises which led them to discover A.J. and adopt him as one of their own. As fate would have it the group was known as the Rhythmic Tribe since they communicated by making patterns of beats against hollow objects. They also engaged in timeless seasonal rituals of intricately woven farting and tap dancing to celebrate spring conception and the fall harvest. A.J. was taught their language and as he grew the Tribe decided to send him for traditional schooling. It was there, at the Ludwig School for Boys, that his music teacher, Mr. Rogers, introduced A.J. to modern drums. He took to them instantly.

The rest is history. The logic of rhythms played by putting together beats and rests of an infinite variety of lengths and measures spurred A.J. toward the similar logic of mathematics resulting in his entering into engineering as his field of higher education.

A.J. is excited to be performing with the band. His favorite musicians include Max Weinberg, Ginger Baker, Dennis Wilson and the Archies. A.J. presently performs exclusively on a set of DW drums. He exclusively uses Louisville Slugger pine tar to keep a good grip on his styx. At present A.J. is working on additional forms of communication and hopes soon to learn to speak English and sing harmonies with the band as a predicate to recording an acapella  solo album for release in Afghanistan as a random act of counterterrorism. A.J. , we salute you!!

                 Tim Roche -  Guitar and Backing Vocals

Tim started playing guitar at 12 years old after he and his friends decided to start a band. Over the years he’s played in countless bands you’ve never heard of.  Until the Hashtags of course.  His playing style is primarily rock with a bit of blues and metal mixed in. Guns n’ Roses, Alice In ChainsPink FloydJimi HendrixPanteraFaith No MoreThe WildheartsLiving ColourMetallicaand Led Zeppelin are among his biggest influences

Jon Butts -  Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals 

Johnny D (D'Naughty) - Rapping Vocals
AKA - D'NAUGHTY - (The artist formerly known as Johnny D)

Music is in John's genes as his father "Jack" was a member of several Philadelphia Doo-wop groups including Joey and the Flips (Bongo Stomp) and The Scholars (Please, Please).

John is a valuable contributer to the Hashtags due to his ability to infuse energy into the crowd with his jaw-dropping ability to bust out any rap/hip hop song at a moments notice.

His solo album "D'NAUGHTY - Back Where it Counts" is in the pre-production stage.